Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend at Coldstream Classic

Spent the weekend being Trial Director at Lee's Coldstream Classic Sheep Dog Trial. Lee Lumb was judging, Lynne Schweb set sheep and did the paperwork and Kristi Oikawa helped out in all departments. Good help makes a great trial!
There was a ProNovice, Nursery and a NoviceNovice class. Was great to see all the new people out getting their feet wet. Brings back memories.....

My very first sheep dog trial with Tick (who is now up in doggy heaven now)was a 8 ??? second thing. Took the sheep off course and that was my debut. I remember Herbert Holmes was judging. Now I know what he was probably thinking.

Don't have any pictures of the weekend because my camera was home by the back door with my shorts, and yes it was hot on Saturday!

Since the dandelions are fluffing all over the place, I am going to hide in the house after chores and avoid the allergy thing...the dogs agree that a night on the couch would be good!

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