Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's About Time

Well I am finally going to post something. It has been hectic at home but things are all back to normal now...or as normal as they get. Fall is here and it is actually a welcome sight. Warm in the day, cold at night and lots of dew and rain. You'd hardly know that it was so dry here this summer. A little moisture goes a long way.

The wild animals were quite displaced by the fire and we had a new pack of coyotes move in that didn't know the Guardian Dog rules. They were quite brazen and came right into the sheep area. They grabbed two sheep but the brave Clairice chased them off with Sonny's help and saved them. Sonny isn't experienced with age but he is big. We treated them with antibiotics and washed the wounds up and this is the one ewe after a week. She had been grabbed on the top and bottom of her jaw as I am sure the coyote was trying to grab her throat. The other ewe had 2 punctures in her chest and is doing fine.

Here is a picture of Sonny growing by leaps and bounds.

Len is building a new pump house since the 10 year old temporary one collapsed. This one is very fancy, new insulated door and all! I am making new curtains and hanging blinds in the "new to us" camper.

Everyone is on their way to the USBCHA Finals so it'll be a long week of watching the computer for results. Good luck to all!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Home Again

A quick note to say we are home again. Will blog more as I find all my stuff and get life organized again. That is funny for those who know me well..organzied ha!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Just a short blurb. We were given Official Evacuation Orders as of 3:30 PM yesterday. So, once you're out, no going back in till they take off the Order. We are comfortable and staying with friends where the sheep are. The Border Collies think we are at a dog trial so they are settled in.
They have structure crews guarding the houses so we are fairly safe in that aspect. I don't think we will lose anything to fire. They are more concerned with loss of life so they hustled us out.
Will blog again when I have more news.