Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's Fall

Looks like Fall....

I haven't blogged in so long and after reading Louanne's blog I started feeling a tad guilty..but not too much as I know there are lots of delinquent bloggers out there.
Yesterday I went to Lee's Stirling Acres Arena Trial and had a great time. Was good to see faces I haven't seen for a while.
Today we put the posts in to extend the lambing barn since I increased the numbers and we will be lambing earlier. I want room for all 85 ewes in the barn. I have decided after this winter lambing that I will breed all the ewes in June for November lambing. I can sell the lambs for a much higher price before Easter to cover the feed which I would be using the same amount if I lamb in Febuary and had to feed to the middle of May. Nice thing about Katahdins is they can be bred all year round and I will sponge them to make sure they all cycle for June. That means an adult flock to run in mine and Lee's spring trials next year.

No, that is not snow on the ground. It is a compostable bedding that we are trying. Will put in underneath the shavings in the barn for more absorbency. Hope it works like they say it will.

Len was nice to go out and feed the sheep today. We are trying to use up the square bales as I find the round bales easier to feed through the winter when I work off the farm.