Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to all

And so it is Christmas, words in a song but it is Christmas Day! Started out having to work 3 hours but was home at 9:30 to have coffee and open our gifts, then a big breakfast. We both did very well in the gift department but the hit was Len's Wii! So far we have been boxing..yes I was a knock out but I kicked his butt at the shooting range Ha! It certainly is an addictive thing to have around me thinks.
So now you have to endure the doggie present pictures since we don't have kids opening presents pictures. After they entertained us with some antics, we all went for a big walk out to the back field. I should have taken the camera. What a gorgeous sunny day!
So notice in the pictures the livingroom flooring that we ordered did NOT get here in time for Christmas but we can live with plywood for another week.

Mirk wonders why the girls are hogging all the toys...

Rosie likes the sheep that honks and has a really long neck...

Jen says "Indestructible my foot!"

Lyn says "Look at my new bed and toys"

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Weekend and Mom's Visit

Here it is the! Len's Mom came out to visit and we went out to string Christmas lights and then I worked dogs but Mom was getting chilly so no working dog pictures. Here we go....

Millie's car..she has arrived!

Sonny likes to see what is happening in the yard.

There, just rip the screen or stand up higher.

And the sheep wonder what the big white dog is doing...

Millie and I in our finest outfits.

Here are Rosie and Kip waiting to go work.

O Christmas lights, O Christmas lights...squint...then you can see them.