Sunday, June 28, 2009


Today I decided to graze the top area by the barley field. So armed with my dog, my book, reading glasses, water and a chair we went out for our 3 hour stint.
This is where I wanted the sheep to graze:

This is where they thought they wanted to go. The barbless barley with a bit of alfalfa left over from the last planting.

It was a nice day, warm but with a gentle wind. My mini vacation was being able to read a book. Jen the BC hung out with me. She is a great dog to graze with, not afraid to get into the bush, has a wide outrun so that helps when the sheep are spread out and will hang out for hours just watching.

Here are some pictures of our morning:

Yes, that is the fence to the barley but the Border Collie is there!

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