Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baaaaad Sheep

Started the day out on a wonderful note, put the ewes and ewe lambs out to graze on the other side of our driveway below the house. There is so much grass over there I hated to see it go to waste. It's safe, they can't get out on the road and there is lots of grass down there and trees for shade so what could happen? This for starters...

Nice 2nd cut alfalfa I was saving, then the beggars went through the woods and up into the barley field. I should have known better than to send them on a "field trip" without closer supervision than making sure they didn't come back up the driveway. Of course,the ewes blamed it on the Guardian dogs for leading them astray.

Sonny says "I'm only this tall, I couldn't keep up so it wasn't me"

Who is the leader of the pack that had the great idea to break into the hay shed?

So we covered it up and see if Len notices ....

Some just play King of the Castle while I work....

"Are you done yet? We're waiting!"

So hopefully tomorrow is a nice quiet day with no baaaaaaaaaad sheep. They are staying in their fenced pastures!

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