Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just a Tuesday

These days the biggest project is getting everything done before noon so I don't fry! Today's job was taking the "hay houses" out of the dog runs. I build them in the fall for the warmth but they are quite good insulators in the summer...well maybe not but it is a good excuse for being a couple months late getting them out. Maybe because there wasn't much moisture so they stayed dry and didn't get wet and mouldy. I have a canopy over them in the summer for shade and in the winter I sort of wrap it in a huge hay tarp. Works well and someday we'll get real snazzy kennels built..after the shop, garage, addition to hay shed...you get the picture.

Please Mom don't wreck my house!

Kennels clean, barrels in place, everyone is happy.

Then I sat and had a look around the yard. It is getting dry but not too bad yet for this time of year.

Beside the 3 rows of rasberries and 2 rows of strawberries (that Rosie steals all the time) Len built me a couple of raised beds. They are better for watering and weeding and will grow almost as much as half of our big garden did. Not bad considering I only planted it a month ago.

The tomatoes in the green house are doing great...

In the middle of all these goings on, I had to go out into the pasture /trial field to get the pen down and bring in in so we could mow the field. I decided to go in using the 10 foot gate off the driveway but once you start driving in, you have to turn right away becasue (yes Len I know) I built the takepens too close to the gate opening. So...I kind of "shaved" the post....


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Baby Hank


Hank's baby pictures. His dam is Lana Rowley's Mint and her puppy picture is bottom left corner. His sire is Elizabeth Baker's Rye and his puppy picture is the center bottom. Hank arrives Friday, July 30th!
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wow, Time Flies!

I just noticed that my last post was May 30th. We have done a bunch of stuff since then. Hayed down below and had rain, hayed here without rain, been to 2 sheep dog trials and got the yard in shape and graden planted and lambs weaned!
We did buy a JohnDeere ride on lawn mower. I have enjoyed as much as Len. Makes life a lot easier and quicker to get the lawns done. Len built 2 - 12x4 foot raised beds for a garden and I planted the garden which is actually coming up now. Planted 4 fruit trees and maybe we will have fruit next year!
We are concentrating on our place this year and dropped the hay contract that we did down in Falkland. Just not enough time. So,here is Len bringing in the hay from the 30 acres...and it's now in the hay shed.

Then there are the lambs that have been weaned and are being babysat by the year old replacement ewes. They are growing by leaps and bounds!

And here is old Lynnie who supervises all the farm goings on...and what is prettier than this face?