Saturday, April 30, 2011

About 400 Feet

For a couple of weeks now we have been saying we need to trim the sheep's feet, replace eartags, de-worm and get them ready for Lee's trial at Coldstream and breeding for November when they get back.
Here's the start:

This is the group of open ewes and the 20 new ewes from Jennifer L'Arrives's flock. The weaned ewes were next and they are doing great and bags drying up just fine!

Jennifer's sheep tried to get to the phone and call for Greyhound tickets to McBride and the SPCA They were actually pretty good for being new to the place and different systems but like ours, they love to eat! They were happy to hear that they didn't have to go to the sheep trial this year. They are new to my flock and it wouldn't be fair to them or the handlers so they get to stay home with the Guardian Dogs.

Tilt Squeeze table which we haven't used for awhile. When we just had a few sheep it was easier to just tip them and do feet...or so I thought! Len made a few improvements to it like a breakaway floor after they are tilted so it is more stable to let them down. We have the scale under the table so get a digital readout for the sheep's weights. Wow Jen, those 3 Suffolk girls weight 204, 206 and 210!! No wonder they move me when they bump into me.

Had to stop to make some adjustments.

You want us to what????????????? The sheep aren't bad to go into the chute but next plan is to build a round pen with a crowding tub. Makes moving the sheep easier and more curves are better.

Len taking a break, coffee and turkey sandwiches.

Sonny would like to know when we are finishing so I can feed him supper.

And if the sheep think they are tired, they should see us.....................

Sunday, April 10, 2011

April Blahs no April Blog

Still waiting for that warm Spring Weather, like everyone else it seems. Not much happening these days so here's what we've been up to.

Putting the canopy back on farmer style after hauling a minibag (ton) of barley. My little camper waiting in the background to go to a Dog Trial!

Yep, April 10 and that's snow up there but the fields are finally bare. As you can see no green out there yet.

Handy Man Len putting the aluminum bars on the canopy windows to haul some ewes to McBride next weekend. Replacement ewes going up so Jen has some light sheep to work for the summer, the rest of the ewes we bought coming here.