Saturday, May 7, 2011

Taking the Bus to Lee's House

Len borrowed a liner and brought the truck home last night. We loaded up most of the flock this morning and took them into Lee's to acclimatize themsleves for the trial at Coldstream. Lee also has lots of grass, we are still feeding, so I really appreciate being able to take them in early. Good thing Len's mom, Millie was out and took pictures because I thought about taking some after we were done. The sad part of the morning was Clairice crying with every bunch we loaded. She is one of the Livestock Guardian Dogs and although she has the lambs and about 30 sheep left to look after, she didn't want the flock to go.
Here are pictures of the morning:

Kip bringing the first group for the back half of the top level. We found it easier to load them in groups. I was very pleased with Kip, she has alot of stock sense and was always in the right place at the right time.

Kip, the Queen of the Trailer Loadin' Dogs 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Day After

See Previous Post..'nuff said

The part I left out yesterday when doing "sheepday" was the injuries. Len fared well, only bumped his head on one of the center posts in the barn. Not sure how that happened?? Jumping out of the alleyway prehaps? I cut my palm with the new sharp hoof trimmers and thought I had been blinded when one of my sheep spit the Valbazan straight back into my face and one eye. You can picture this:  Me yelling for water, Len grabs my water bottle which had cran-water in it and I'm no get some clean water..  Now I would have grabbed the bottle, dumped out the cran-water and filled it up at the waterer not far from the barn. Not my husband. He ran all the way to the house, searched for a container and brought me some clean water. Poor guy could  hardly breath but he ran all the way. My hero!

Ok, where the heck is that Aleve?