Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mysterious "Deer" Sightings

I am going to show you a series of pictures. Then you can guess what they add up to….and no it wasn’t a deer. Answer at bottom of page. 

This is a bottle of pickled beets. One morning when I got to the garden I noticed all the beet tops were eaten and I had to do something with the beets lying on top of the ground!

 This is the "pruned" apple tree over a couple days. I have babied it to this size and was angry at the "deer"!

Lilac bush, just slightly pruned....

Of all the flowers in the long bed, this is what the "deer" ate.

These are the feeders, note the top has caved in ??
 Look at this sweet little face....of the "deer". I caught her the other morning and when I opened all the gates to put her back in, she just hopped over the feeder. Baaaaaaaaaaaaad sheep!

Today I moved the feeders and put a nice big steel gate across the opening. So lucky the rest didn't follow her.

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