Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Crap, It's Been A Month Since I Blogged

It seems like yesterday that Jenny Glen, Louanne Twa and I were sitting at the Hilltop Trial having a conversation about what to put on a blog when we just don't have the time, etc. Darned if I can remember what the heck it was?
So the news in Reader's Digest Form is:
We are not selling the farm, decided to pull it off the market and stay put!
All the lambs are shipped so we have 21 dog sheep of our own and 8 North Country ewe lambs "visiting" for the winter.
The Armstrong IPE is this weekend with.......Stock Dog Demos!
That's it for August so here are a picture of the NC gals with one of my Katahdin ewe lambs in the front of the picture.  Their ears are green because they got their tattoos before they came out.

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  1. We can't wait to visit and take pics of the new girls. You know how much I love NCCs!