Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fun With Sheep

Today is a month before lambing so all the pregnant ewes had to be vaccinated and de-wormed. We use an Ivomec drench to deworm them and a few of them said it tastes like crap. Len's Mom was out and gave us a well appreciated hand. Nice to get it done. Here are some pictures of the day...

Tiny, the first one to the barn in case it's something good to eat

The crew. Len's Mom Millie. I think Len is closing his eyes to wish this would all disappear.

Don't these old work jackets add about 100 pounds :)

Getting ready

Clarice is worried about her flock

Coyote strolling down the road, a long way from the barn

Sonny going after said coyote

Tripper peeking in from the back field to see what's happening

Serious gal

"I told you girls not to listen to the dog! Now look where we are!"

Pretty face, does she look familiar Jen?

Behind bars

The best part of the day, 4 left to go!


  1. Great photos! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great photos, love your guardian dogs


  3. I love the set up you have and nice size, roomy barn! Love the freckle faced girl too. I had one like that, her name was Doris. Thanks Holly for sharing, and how nice of Len's mom to come help! You look lovely in your work jackets!