Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Scores PVSDT

The trIAl went really well...except for the rain, rain and rain. Cleared off for a bit this afternoon and then for the handler's pot luck dinner..which was great! We are all ready for tomorrow...

Saturday Open Scores

Bob Stephens RMS Pat 89
Lee Lumb Nan 88
Carol Nelson Jess 88
Thad Buckler Nic 88
Corey Perry Jill 87
Nancy Stephens RMS Ike 86
Lorne Landry Robbie 85
Pam Boring Mirk 85
Wendy Schmaltz Fly 81
Thad Buckler Trax 78
Nancy Stephens Jenn 78
Lee Lumb Chica 76
Bob Stephens Jess 76
Bob Stephens Pete 74
Brian Nelson Sweep 73
Aileen McConnellTess 73
Kristi Oikawa Lou 70
Carol Nelson Cal 70
Lynne Schweb Dex 69
Wendy Legare Towie 67
Pearse Ward Riel 67
Norman Close Gwen 66
Jennifer L'ArriveeSpot 65
Brian Nelson Pleat 65
Wayne Roberts Cora 65
Vickie Close Hanna 63
Wendy Schmaltz Gin 63
Pam Boring Jake 62
Lorne Landry Cassie 61
Holly Brunner Mirk 58
Pearse Ward Cal 54
Susan Taylor Kyu 52
Charmaine HendersonReo 0
Wendy Legare Dee rt
Norman Close Jake rt
Vickie Close Gail rt

Saturday ProNovice Scores

Nancy Stephens RMS Tweed75
Tess Davidson Dell 72
Judy Snell Tag 66
Norman Close Blaze 65
Lorne Landry Jace 62
Chris Hanson Zac 61
Brian Nelson Beau 56
Holly Brunner Rosie 56
Kristi Oikawa Rex 54
Ian Ripley DeeDee 54
Bob Stephens RMS Dirk 54
Chris Hanson Ben 53
Kathy Williams Pepe 52
Pam Boring Ben 52
Holly Brunner Kip 51
Fran MacPherson Mirk 48
Jennifer L'Arrivee Mint 43
Judy Snell Betty 39
Roy van Ryswyk Katie 17
Roy van Ryswyk Ryk 15
Jill Brodie Ryder rt
Kathy Williams Skye rt
Aileen McConnellChance rt
* Linda Larsson Bella rt
Carl Sneddon Fan rt
Wendy Schmaltz Annie rt
Wayne Roberts Bud rt
Carol Nelson Zip rt
Jill Brodie Sweep rt

Saturday Nursery

Lee Lumb Jeb 81
Ian Ripley (Lee Lumb) JoJo 79
Corey Perry Callie 65
Vickie Close Jess 53
Carol Nelson Taff rt
Wendy Schmaltz Creed rt

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  1. Well done Dee Dee you little agility hero. Now you're doing great with the sheep as well. What a star - must be all those runs around Elk Lake.