Friday, July 22, 2011

Time Flies

I can't believe it's been a month since I posted. Time flies when you're having fun! I will try and do the Reader's Digest Condensed version for the past month.
Went to Lee's Coldstream ProNovice and Novice Trial, my first big outing with the new trailer. Learned lots of trailer-ing stuff and had a great time. Met some new handlers and was happy to see so many new faces starting out!
We watch the rain, and we watch the rain and try to cut grass in between. Len planted about 40 acres of new seeding and the rain did help it come up. We just need some heat! My garden looks about 2 weeks old and it's been in the ground for a month.
Then it was time to head out to the Wild Rose Classic at Olds and then the Calgary Stampede! Yeeha! Off I went solo but Lee was ahead of me with her trailer so we traveled "together". Nice to have company when we stopped to run the dogs and grab a bite to eat.
Here are a few pictures I took and the last 2 pictures were taken by Chris Jobe and Wendy Schmaltz ( my new "hat" sister). I HAVE to start taking the camera out of the trailer!

These are the clouds of the impending tornado that touched down not that far from us on the Thursday night when we arrived.

Then came the hail....

but the next day was very nice to trial in. Great field and great hosts, we'll be back.

Camping was a tad different for the Stampede. We are in a concrete fenced area in the Ogden Industrial Area. Glad we just sleep there :) Nice part is walking to the gate and catching the shuttle back and forth to the Stampede so no driving.

Here we are all cleaned up at the Handler's Meeting. If we had known how well Dale would do, we could have slipped something in his coffee. Just joking..big Congrats to Dale Montgomery who won, Dave Claypool for 2nd place and Jill Brodie who won the dog trailer! Gotta study those penning videos. What am I missing?

Holding Kip so she won't take off before the sheep are out. She looked much happier after she saw sheep :)

Then it was off to the Rodeo to watch some fun!

I promise I will take the camera out at Bassano!

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