Monday, July 6, 2009

Hilltop Trial

Well after along day of doing nothing, not that I had nothing to do, I decided to at least catch my blog up. Had a great time at Wendy and Chris Schmaltz's Hilltop Trial on Friday and Saturday. Drove down on Thursday to a field on Hwy 21 in Alberta about 20 minutes north of Strathmore.

Stayed with Lee in her new trailer..a 29'footer that is awesome inside. Brought Rosie and Kit for their travelling experience and Will and Mirk were entered.

The sheep were tough but interesting to work. Friday I was very happy with the boys handling of the sheep even if we weren't in the money. Saturday, well that makes one go home and work on a few things. Mind you the wind howling at 90 MPH is not a fixable thing and anything weather wise can happen at a trial.

It was great to see everyone and have just have fun!!!

Since I forgot the camera (what else is new??)Bev Sommer took some pictures and sent them to me. Here is Mirk and I on Friday...

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